Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You will receive with the live URLs to your published articlev.

You are directed to the PayPal website so payment information is not available for Ultra Press Release to see.

  • No negative or offensive news
  • No cryptocurrency
  • No dating websites
  • The word “sex” cannot be used
  • No articles about underwear
  • No guns or weapons
  • No alcohol
  • No illicit drugs, marijuana, or CBD
  • No tobacco or vaping
  • No tobacco or vaping products
  • No cosmetic procedures
  • No job discrimination by race or gender
  • No MLM
  • No online gambling
  • No lending companies
  • No credit repair services
  • No nutritional supplements
  • No affiliate marketing
  • No weight loss products
  • No websites flagged as potential malware threats

5 business days if you provide us the article and we publish it, or 10 days if you want us to write the article then publish it. This does not include time for revisions if any are requested.

Where will my article be published?

Please note that these sites are subject to change without notice, and this list may not be updated to reflect the changes immediately. Please email and we will send you a current list.

You will be published on affiliates sites such as local news networks and newspapers.

Yes, you may have links in your article.

This depends on the publications.  Some of them will have your article up for a couple of weeks, some of them for years and lastly some of them forever.

If you have a written article, the process is often less than 5 days.  If you are using our writing services, typically you will have your article written and approved by you in 5 days and a total of 10 days to have it live on network partners.

Once the article is released we are unable to make any changes

Writing the article

Our process is simple.  We will ask for your website, the subject you want the article to be written about, a description of your and what your goal is for the publication. We’ll do the research to form your article with just that information.

Yes, our writers will research your business and write a one of a kind article that will include links back to your site.

Yes, after we write the article you will have 2 chances to make changes.  Our professional priced service will allow you to make as many changes as you would like before publishing.

Your article must be between 200-500 words. The article can only have 1 website link to your site per 100 words. The headline must include the company’s name. The article must be informational and not a sales pitch. The headline should not contain pronouns or first person narrative such as  ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘you’, etc. The article must be specific and provide value.  We are unable to publish generic company information.  Our network does not like bullet points, lists or fragmented texts.  Must be written in English.

It can be an announcement for your business, but must include features, advantages and/or benefits. Ideally it should be a newsworthy topic such as a new product per service for your company.

You can include 1 image, like a logo or a product image. These must be uploaded separately to your article.

If we write it, it will have a 200-400 word body, a headline, and sub-headline. If you want to provide the article, it must be between 200-500 words.

If you are not happy with the article after revisions, your order will be refunded.